Deleting a Dashboard

To delete a dashboard from the Composer Home page or the dashboard library:

  1. Log into Composer as an administrator or a user who has been assigned to a group with the Can Administer Dashboards privilege.

  2. Select Library on the top-level navigation banner or the UI menu, or select the Dashboards box on the Home page. The dashboard library displays.

  3. Locate the dashboard you want to delete.

  4. Select in the Actions column

  5. Confirm by selecting the Delete button on the warning dialog.

To delete a dashboard from the dashboard itself:

  1. Edit the dashboard.

  2. Select from the dashboard icon bar.

  3. Confirm by selecting the Delete button.

If you delete a dashboard that has been shared with another user, it is deleted for all users.
You cannot delete a linked dashboard. If any other visual is linked to the dashboard, you must first remove the link from the visual or delete the visual's source dashboard.
The delete option is only available to the dashboard creator and the Composer administrator.