Use the Dashboard Icon Bar

Each dashboard provides a series of selectable dashboard icons on an icon bar in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Select an icon to perform a dashboard function, as described in the following table.

The visibility of these icons on a dashboard are affected by dashboard interactivity settings. See Control How Users Interact With a Dashboard.

Icon Description
Allows you to manage the interactions between the visuals on a dashboard, including cross-source links and cross-visual filtering. See Control How Cross-Visual Filters Interact in a Dashboard.

Allows you to link dashboard visuals to other dashboards. See Link a Dashboard.

Exports a dashboard. The Export drop-down menu appears. See Export a Dashboard.
Refreshes the data on the dashboard. See Refresh Data on a Dashboard.
Marks the dashboard as a favorite.
Deletes a dashboard. See Delete a Dashboard.
Provides options that allow you to create a new visual on the dashboard or place an existing visual on the dashboard. See Add New Visuals to a Dashboard and Place Existing Visuals on a Dashboard.
Saves a dashboard with a new name (which copies it). See Copy a Dashboard.
Saves a dashboard. See Save a Dashboard.