Use the Dashboard Library

The working area of the dashboard library contains all dashboards in the Composer environment to which you have access. You can make a dashboard a favorite, delete it (if your privileges allow), and open the dashboard.

If your user definition has not been given access to dashboards, you will see no dashboards in the dashboard library and you will not be able to import any dashboards. You will be able to create dashboards, but you will not be able to save them. Contact your system administrator to increase your privileges.

Access the Dashboard Library

To access the dashboard library, select Library on the UI menu () or the top-level navigation menu, or select Dashboards on the Home page. The dashboard library appears. The dashboards display in a table (list) format.

Search Box

You can use the search box to filter the dashboards on the screen by dashboard name. For example, if you type a C in the search box, only the dashboards with names that start with the letter C are shown in the working area.


The buttons on the page allow easy access to saved visuals, as well as other visuals created by other users in your Composer environment. They also allow you to create a new dashboard, filter the dashboards that are shown, or import a dashboard.

Button Description
Removes any filters for the dashboard library and displays all dashboards within your Composer environment.
Displays only the dashboards that you have marked as favorites.
Displays only dashboards that you created and saved. Dashboards created and saved by other users are hidden.
Displays only the dashboards that other users shared with you. See Share a Dashboard with Users Inside Your Account.
Allows you to import a dashboard. See Import a Dashboard.
Allows you to create a new dashboard. See Create Dashboards.

The Dashboard List

The dashboard list columns are described below.

Column Description
Fav This column identifies favorite dashboards using a star icon. If the star is colored (), the dashboard is a favorite. If the star is empty (), the dashboard is not a favorite. You can also click on the star in this dashboard to make the dashboard a favorite or remove it from favorites.
Name The name of the dashboard.
Data Source The name of the data sources used by the dashboard.
Author The user who created the dashboard.
Date Modified The date the dashboard was last modified.
Permissions Select the icon in this column to assign permissions to a dashboard. The Dashboard Permissions dialog appears. See About Dashboard Permissions.
Schedule Select the clock () in this column to create a scheduled dashboard report for the dashboard. The Scheduled Reports dialog appears. See About Scheduled Dashboard Reports.

Shows icons you can select to perform actions for the dashboard.

Sort the Dashboard List

You can sort the dashboard list by dashboard name, the date the dashboard was last modified, the data source for the dashboard, or the dashboard owner name. By default, dashboards are sorted by the date the dashboard was last modified. Select a column title in the list to sort the dashboards in alphabetical order by the data in the column. To sort the list in reverse alphabetical order, select the column title a second time.