Apply Even Time Intervals on Pivot Tables

For more information about even time intervals, see Even Time Intervals.

To apply even time intervals to data on pivot tables:

  1. Edit a dashboard with a pivot table that uses a data source containing date or time fields.

  2. If you are editing the visual in a dashboard, select Edit Visual from the visual drop-down menu. The sidebar menu for the visual appears.

    If you are editing the visual from the Visual Gallery, the sidebar appears to the right of the visual.

  3. Select on the sidebar menu. The Pivot Table Settings sidebar for the visual appears.

  4. On the sidebar, select in Rows or Columns and select a time field for the row or column. Select OK.

    The time field is selected and expands so you can select its granularity and even time intervals setting.

  5. Select the granularity for the time field.

  6. Slide Include Blanks on to request even time intervals. By default, the ability to show all values is disabled and only attributes with a value greater than NULL are displayed.

  7. Select to apply the changes to the pivot table.