Text Functions

Function Description Example
CONCAT Returns a text that is the result of concatenating two or more text values CONCAT (Field_FirstName, " ,", Field_LastName)
LENGTH Returns the number of characters of the specified string LENGTH (SUBSTRING ("$12456.00", 2, 10)
LOCATE Finds the first occurrence of substring in a string, starting at position LOCATE ('Mr.', CONCAT (Field_FirstName, " ,", Field_LastName), 0)
LOWER Returns the argument in lowercase LOWER (SUBSTRING (Field_A, 0, 3 ))
LPAD Returns the text argument, left-padded with the text specified by padString to a length of Length characters LPAD (SUBSTRING (Field_A, 0, 15), 3, 'abc')
LTRIM Returns a text value after removing leading blanks LTRIM (SUBSTRING (Field_A, 0, 5))
RPAD Returns the Text argument, right-padded with the text specified by padString to a length of Length characters RPAD (SUBSTRING (Field_A, 0, 15), 3, 'abc')
RTRIM Returns a text value after removing trailing blanks RTRIM (SUBSTRING (Field_A, 0, 5))
SUBSTRING Returns the substring of String value which begins at position defined by Start and is Length characters long. SUBSTRING (Field_A, 4, 3)
TEXT_TO_NUM Converts the text string to numeric TEXT_TO_NUM (LTRIM (Field_A, '$'))
TEXT_TO_TIME Converts the text expression to time according to the specified format. This function requires input in the form of an attribute or string field containing data that could be parsed as a time field and the format for the time field. Valid formats must be enclosed in single quotation marks and can only use the following syntax elements: YYYY (for years), MM (for months), DD (for days), HH24 (for hours), MI (for minutes), SS (for seconds), and MS (for milliseconds). Separators in the syntax that are allowed are - (dashes), : (colons), . (periods), / (backslashes), and spaces. TEXT_TO_TIME (Field_A,'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')
UPPER Returns the argument in uppercase UPPER (SUBSTRING (Field_A, 0, 3 )