Grant Permissions for a Data Source

You can grant read, write, or delete data source configuration permissions for your account, groups in your account, or specific users in your account.

When you grant any permission to a fused data source, read permission to the parent data sources is granted as well. You should see a warning about this after saving the fused source permissions. In addition, fused data sources continue to respect the row security and permissions established for the underlying data sources that are joined in the fused data source.

To grant permissions for a data source configuration:

  1. Log into Composer as an administrator or a user belonging to a group that includes the Can Administer Sources or the Can Manage Source Permissions privilege.

  2. Select Sources on the top-level navigation banner or the UI menu, or select the Sources box on the Home page. The Sources page displays.

  3. Locate the row for the data source configuration in the list and select in its Permissions column. The Source Permissions dialog appears.

    Initially, this dialog lists only the creator of the data source.

  4. Select Add on the Source Permissions dialog and then select Groups, Users, or Account on the drop-down menu. If you select Groups, the Add Groups dialog appears, listing all the groups available in your account. If you select Users, the Add Users dialog appears, listing all the users available in your account. If you select Account, Read permission is selected for your account on the Source Permissions dialog.

  5. Select the account or any specific groups or users you want to permit to read, write, or delete the data source configuration and select . The Source Permissions dialog lists your selections.

    Note that you cannot set source permissions for the supplied group Administrators. Members of the Administrators group have read, write, and delete permissions for every data source configuration in the account. Note also that the user who created the data source configuration is automatically selected and has Read, Write, and Delete permissions.

  6. Select the Read, Write, or Delete checkboxes for the account, groups, or users to indicate what users in them can do with the data source. Read permission is assumed and is always selected. If you clear (uncheck) the Read box (revoke Read permission), permission for the entire data source is revoked for the account, group, or user after you save.

  7. Select . The Save Details dialog appears, listing the changes that you made.

  8. Review the changes and select . The source authorization permissions are set.