Modify Row Security Definitions

To modify row security for a data source:

  1. Log into Composer as a Composer administrator, a user in a group that has been granted the Can Administer Sources privilege, or a user in a group that has been granted the Can Manage Source Permissions privilege and who also has read permission for the data source.

    If the user name you log in with is also associated with other Composer accounts, verify that the correct account is selected. See Switch Accounts.

  2. Select Sources on the top-level navigation banner or in the UI menu (). The Sources page appears.

  3. Locate the data source for which you want to restrict data access and select in the Row column for the data source. The Row Security dialog appears.

  4. To modify a row security definition, select it on the left side of the Row Security dialog. The settings for the definition appear in the Filter Details on the right side of the dialog and can be modified.

  5. Modify any of the information for the row security definition, as described in Add Row Security Definitions. When you are finished, select to save the row security settings.

  6. When all row security definition modifications have been made, select to close the Row Security dialog.