Restricting Access to Data Using Row Security

As a Composer administrator, you can manually restrict the data in a data source configuration that can be viewed or used by group, account, or user. By default, all data in a data source is available.

Row security filters allow you to secure potentially confidential data within a data source. Selected users or group or account members would only be able to view limited information within the data it collects.

If a user is included in more than one row security filter for the same data source (via group, user, or account specifications), an error message appears when the user tries to view a dashboard using the data source. This occurs because of the row restriction conflicts set by the different row security filters. Note that if a user is included more than once in a single row security filter (either as an explicit user, a member of more than one group, or as a member of the account), no error occurs because it is a single row security filter.

Row security is supported by the API endpoint /api/sources/<source-id>/security/filters. API documentation is provided with your Composer installation at this link: https://<composer-URL>/composer/swagger-ui.html.

This section covers the following topics: