Use Cross-Visual Links for Cross-Visual Filtering

After you have defined cross-source or same-source links for a dashboard, you can use them in cross-visual filtering. Cross-visual filtering allows you to simultaneously apply the same filter across all visuals in your dashboard that use the linked fields. Cross-visual filters must be applied from a visual's radial menu or from the time bar.

Unlike row-level filters, cross-visual filters are not saved with the visual.

Cross-source link must be defined on a dashboard before you can use them in cross-visual filtering. However, same-source links are created automatically and can be automatically used in cross-visual filtering. In addition, cross-visual filters are only applied to a dashboard visual if the visual subscribes to its associated cross-visual link. See Define Cross-Source Links, Publish a Link, and Subscribe a Visual to a Link.

This section includes the following topics.

To view the filters applied to a visual, see Viewing the Applied Filters for a Visual.

Apply Cross-Visual Filtering to Dashboard Visuals

To apply a cross-visual filter from a visual to the dashboard visuals:

  1. After cross-visual links are created, select an area of the visual that uses a linked field. The radial menu for that area of the visual displays:

    Filters for cross-source and same-source links must be defined using the radial menu. You cannot create a link filter from the Filters sidebar. Filters created from the sidebar apply only to the selected visual. Filters for cross-source and same-source links are called cross-visual filters and are listed in the Filters sidebar separately from filters that are applied from the Filters sidebar.

  2. Select Filter on the radial menu.

    The filter is automatically applied to all of the visuals that are subscribed to the link. For more information about published and subscribed links, see Control How Cross-Visual Filters Interact in a Dashboard.

  3. Save the dashboard.

Apply Cross-Visual Filtering From the Time Bar

To apply a cross-visual filter from the time bar, a same-source or cross-source link for time fields in the data sources must first be created.

To apply a cross-visual filter to the dashboard using a time field from the time bar:

  1. After cross-visual links are created, select the time field in the time bar. The Time Bar dialog appears.

  2. Select the linked time field you have defined in the Time Attribute section of the Time Bar dialog.

  3. Select the visuals to which you want the time filter applied in the Applies to section. The Applies to section lists all the visuals in the dashboard that use data from:

    • The same data source with a same-source link subscribed for the linked time field.
    • Different data sources with a linked time field for the data you have selected.
  4. Adjust the time bar minimum or maximum to filter the visuals. See Use the Time Bar.