Applying a Saved Filter to a Visual or Dashboard

You can apply row-level filters for the data in a visual. When all the visuals in a dashboard use data from the same data source, you can apply row-level filters for all the visuals in the dashboard.

To apply a row-level filter to a visual or dashboard:

  1. Select the filter icon on the visual or dashboard to access the appropriate filter sidebar.

    • To access the visual filter sidebar, select its filter icon () or select Edit Visual from the visual menu () and then select on the sidebar menu.
    • To access the dashboard filter sidebar, select its filter icon (). The dashboard-level filter icon is available only when all the visuals are from the same data source.

    The Filters sidebar appears showing any filters that have been applied.

    If you are using the visual filters sidebar, three tabs are available: Row, Group, and Saved.

    If you are using the dashboard filters sidebar, only the Row and Saved tabs are available.

    Tab Description
    Row The Row tab allows you to create a row-level filter, as described in the rest of this topic.
    Group The Group tab allows you to create and use a group filter. See Applying Group Filters. If you are using a KPI, raw data, histogram, or map markers visual, the Group tab is not available because all filters on these visuals are row-level filters.

    The Saved tab shows saved filters that you can apply to the dashboard or visual. See Maintaining Saved Filters.

  2. Select the Saved tab and then select the save filter you want to use. If none are listed, you must create one. See Creating a Saved Filter.