Create a Keyset From a Data Point

You can create a keyset from a data point in a visual using the radial menu. The result set used for the keyset is automatically filtered by the data point you select.

To create a keyset from a data point:

  1. Create a visual.

  2. Select a data point in the visual. For example, you might select the bar representing Virginia. The radial menu appears:

  3. Select Keyset on the radial menu. The Save Keyset dialog appears.

  4. Enter a name for the keyset in the Name box. Because the keyset will be shared by all users of the Composer instance, be sure to enter a unique name.

  5. Optionally, enter a description for the keyset in the Description box.

  6. In the Select a Field as Key box, enter the field that should be used as the key for the keyset. This should be the field by which the original visual was grouped. A list of keyset values for the field you selected appears on the Save Keyset dialog. These values can include an empty value.

  7. Select Save to save the keyset.