Get Started with Composer v6

Composer makes visual analytics easy. Even fun. For anybody. For everybody. But if you're starting at the login screen and not sure how to get started, start here.

What Can I Do With Composer?

With Composer, you can:

If you have appropriate privileges, you can also manage data source configurations, actions, connectors, connections, accounts, groups, and users, and manage custom charts. See Authorize Composer v6 Access.

Viewing Dashboards and Visuals

When you log into Composer, the Home page appears. To view the dashboards defined or shared with this instance of Composer, select Library on the top-level navigation banner or the UI menu, or the Dashboards box on the Home page. Visuals can be viewed by selecting a dashboard or by selecting a visual in the Visual Gallery.

From here, you can:

  • Review a dashboard that a teammate has shared by selecting it.
  • Create a new dashboard and visual. See Creating Dashboards.
  • Import a dashboard. See Importing a Dashboard
  • Sort the dashboards by name, date modified, data source, or owner.
  • Filter the dashboards using the search box at the top of the page.

When you're viewing a visual or dashboard, you can:

You can do any of these things without overwriting the original dashboard, which means you can use any dashboard as a starting point for your own data exploration. You can also save dashboards that you have modified as new dashboards.

For more information about viewing and using dashboards, see Manage Composer v6 Dashboards.

Creating a Dashboard

Creating a dashboard in Composer is really easy. See Creating Dashboards.

Saving Dashboards

After creating a dashboard, you can save your work so you can continue it later or share it with somebody else. See Saving a Dashboard.

Importing, Sharing, Exporting, and Embedding Dashboards

After saving a dashboard, you can share it with other Composer users. You can: