Home Page

After logging into Composer as an administrator or as a non-supervisor user, the home page is displayed. From the home page, you can explore and interact with your Composer environment , including its visuals and dashboards, in a variety of ways. This topic covers the different options and features available to you.

The availability of elements on the home page depends on the access rights that were granted to your user. See Authorize Composer Access.

Viewing the Home Page

You can easily access the home page from anywhere in the UI by selecting the Composer logo in the upper left corner or by selecting Home on the top-level navigation banner.

Depending on your security profile, this home page displays the numbers of connection definitions, data source configuration definitions, visuals, and dashboards in the environment. It also provides easy access to lists of connection and data source configuration definitions, the Visual Gallery , and the dashboard library. The home page does not show information or provide links for resources that your security profile restricts you from viewing. The following additional selections are possible.

Category Description
Connections Shows the number of connections defined in your environment. Select this box to manage connections to data stores. The Connections page appears. See Manage Data Store Connections.
Sources Shows the number of data source configurations defined in your environment. Select this box to manage data source configurations. The Sources page appears. See Manage Data Source Configurations.
Visual Gallery Shows the number of visuals defined in your environment. Select this box to manage visuals in the Visual Gallery. The Visuals page appears. See Manage Visuals and Use the Visual Gallery.
Library Shows the number of dashboards defined in your dashboard library. Select this Dashboards box to manage dashboards. The dashboard library appears. See Manage Dashboards and Use the Dashboard Library.

In addition to these selections, the user name you logged in with is shown in the upper right corner of the page as well as the hamburger icon. Select the hamburger icon () to access the UI menu.