Mute a Published Link

For each visual in a dashboard, you can mute (disable) cross-source and same-source links for the dashboard. When they are muted, they can no longer be used by the visual to create cross-visual filters. You can mute links from the Dashboard Interactions dialog.

You can also revoke (undo) published links from the visual itself. See Revoke a Published Link.

To mute a same-source or cross-source link from the Dashboard Interactions dialog:

  1. Select on the dashboard icon bar. The Dashboard Interactions dialog appears. In the following image, no cross-source links are defined for the dashboard.

  2. Select the Cross-Visual Filtering tab.

  3. Select a visual in the Visuals list on the left of the tab. The right side of the tab show the link filters available to be published in the Published filters table.

  4. If you want to mute all of the links available for the visual, slide the switch off (to the left). It no longer is blue.

    If you just want to mute an individual link, locate the link name in the table of Published filters, and slide its corresponding switch in the Enabled column off. Repeat this for every individual link you want muted.

  5. Optionally, repeat Steps 3 and 4 for other visuals listed on the left of the tab.

  6. When you have finished muting the links, select .

  7. Save the dashboard to save the cross-visual link specifications.