The Composer Supervisor Menu

The supervisor menu is available only when you log in as a supervisor. This menu lists options that are different from the regular Composer UI menu (available when you log in as any non-supervisor user or as an administrator). For information about the regular Composer UI menu options, see The Composer UI Menu.

The supervisor menu appears when you select the hamburger icon () in the upper right corner of the page.

Each menu option is described in the following table.

Menu Option Select this option to...
Accounts Manage Composer accounts. See Manage Composer Account Definitions
Advanced Review Composer server-level variables. We suggest you change these only at the request of Technical Support. See Server-Level Variables.
Connectors Manage the connector servers available in Composer. See Manage Connectors and Connector Servers.
Customize UI Customize the UI. See Customize the Composer User Interface.


Specify a new Composer license key. See Request and Apply a New License Key.
Security Manage the authentication tools used by Composer. See Supported Authentication Tools.
Users Manage Composer users and assign them to accounts. See Manage User Definitions.
About View the About dialog that identifies the version of Composer you are using and provides a link to the terms of service. See About Dialog.
My Accounts Switch to a different Composer account.
Help Access the Composer documentation.
Support Access Technical Support.
Logout Log out of Composer.