The Composer UI Menu

A user interface (UI) menu is available when you select the hamburger icon () in the upper right corner of the page. The available menu options vary depending on whether you are logged in as a supervisor and on the group privileges assigned to your user definition. This topic describes the menu options available on the regular Composer UI menu, when you are logged in as any non-supervisor user or as an administrator. For information about supervisor menu options, see The Composer Supervisor Menu.

The Composer UI menu looks like this. Some options may not be available if your user definition does not have appropriate group privileges assigned.

Each menu option is described in the following table.

Menu Option Select this option to...
Connections Review and manage the connection definitions used by Composer connectors. See Manage Data Store Connections.
Sources Review and manage Composer data source configurations. See Manage Composer v6 Data Source Configurations.
Visual Gallery Review and manage Composer visuals. See Using the Visual Gallery.
Library Review and manage Composer dashboards in the dashboard library. See Using the Dashboard Library.
Actions Review and manage Composer action templates. See Integrate Composer v6 Visual Data Into Your Applications.


Review the Console of Refreshing Jobs. See Reviewing Refresh Jobs.
Custom Charts Manage custom Composer visuals from the UI. See Managing Composer v6 Custom Charts.
Users & Groups Manager Composer users and groups and to assign users to groups. See Managing User Definitions and Managing Group Definitions.
About View the About dialog that identifies the version of Composer you are using and provides a link to the terms of service. See About Dialog.
Help Access the Composer documentation.
My Accounts Switch to a different Composer account.
Support Access Technical Support.
Logout Log out of Composer.