Disable the SSL Certificate in Composer

You can disable the SSL certificate in Composer by adding a parameter to the zoomdata.properties file located in the /etc/zoomdata directory. The purpose of the parameter is to disable a redirect by Spring Boot to SSL and enable you to use the HTTP port. Take the following steps to disable the SSL Certificate:

  1. From your terminal, SSH to your Composer Server.
  2. Stop Composer microservices. See Stop Composer Microservices
  3. Use the following command to access and open the zoomdata.properties file:
    vi /etc/zoomdata/zoomdata.properties

    If the .properties file does not exist, this command creates the file.

  4. Add the following parameters into the file as new lines:
  5. Save and exit the .properties file.
  6. Start Composer services. See Start Composer Microservices .

After the Composer Server has successfully restarted, you can open a new browser window and log in. You should no longer be redirected to an SSL connection.

If you have configured your firewall (see next section) then use the following URL format:


Otherwise, use the following URL format:


Configure the Firewall (for Centos)

Refer to the topic Configure the Firewall for setup instructions.