Upgrade Composer

You can upgrade your Composer server to the current release.

For information about the difference between a clean installation of Composer and an upgrade to the latest GA release, see Clean Installation and Upgrade Differences.

Upgrade and Migration Considerations

  • In general, you can upgrade directly to the latest version of Composer from a prior version.

  • If you are upgrading to a newer version of Composer and you also want to change your encryption mode, perform the upgrade first and then complete the steps described in Change the Encryption Mode.

  • Manually upgrading Composer no longer provides the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) needed for Composer to start. Make sure you have Java 11.0.5 or later installed before you manually install or manually upgrade to Composer 5.8 or later. If you do not, Composer will not start.

To upgrade your Composer installation, read the following sections:

If you are upgrading a distributed environment, see Upgrade a Composer Distributed Environment.