Marker Maps

Marker maps are supported by all Composer data connectors, however the data for marker maps must contain latitude and longitude fields. Composer supports a variety of tile providers which offer an overlay design for the map visual styles available in the program. These include: OpenStreetMap, OpenMapSurfer, MapQuest, CloudMade, and MapBox. MapQuest, CloudMade and MapBox require an API key.

To configure default marker map settings for a data source configuration:

  1. Edit the appropriate data source configuration. See Editing a Data Source Configuration.

  2. Select the Visuals tab in the data source configuration wizard.

  3. On the Standard subtab of the Visuals tab, select Map: Markers.

    If you want to be able to display the data collected by this data source configuration as a marker map, make sure the Map: Markers checkbox is selected.

    Default marker map settings appear on the right side of the page.

  4. Configure the default settings as follows:

    Setting Description

    Select the latitude field that should be used for marker maps with this data source.

    Longitude Select the longitude field that should be used for marker maps with this data source.
    Lat/Long Limit Specify the maximum number of markers to be displayed on the map.
    Max Zoom Specify the maximum level to which you can zoom and view the markers.
    Start Zoom Specify the level at which you can start to zoom and view markers for the region.
    Tile Provider Select a tile provider. By default, OpenStreetMap is selected.
    Tile Provider API Key For MapQuest, MapBox, and CloudMade tile providers, specify the Tile Provider API Key

    If you want marker maps for a data source to support live mode and data playback, be sure that the data source includes a time field and that it meets the requirements for live mode and playback. See Live Mode and Historical Playback.

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