Rearrange Pivot Table Fields

You can rearrange the fields in a pivot table. After you save the dashboard or visual, the field rearrangement is retained when you close the dashboard. It is also retained when you share or export the dashboard or visual.

To rearrange the fields in a pivot table:

  1. Edit the pivot table you want to modify. See Editing Visuals.

  2. If you are editing the visual in a dashboard, select Edit Visual from the visual drop-down menu. The sidebar menu for the visual appears.

    If you are editing the visual from the Visual Gallery, the sidebar appears to the right of the visual.

  3. To move a field, select its name and then drag it up or down in the list, as appropriate. You can drag fields between the Row and Column lists on the sidebar, in addition to rearranging fields within their own lists. You cannot drag fields in or out of the Metrics list to the other lists; you can only rearrange fields within the Metrics list.

  4. Select Apply to apply your changes to the pivot table.

  5. Save the dashboard.