Adding New Visuals to a Dashboard

When you create a new dashboard, you also create the first visual in the dashboard or place existing visuals from the Visual Gallery on the dashboard. A dashboard requires at least one visual. See Creating Dashboards. After an initial visual is created, you can create or place additional visuals on your dashboard. For information on placing an existing visual, see Placing Existing Visuals on a Dashboard.

When you create new visuals on a dashboard, they are automatically added to the Visual Gallery.

To create a new visual on a dashboard:

  1. Edit the dashboard.

  2. Select on the dashboard icon bar. A drop-down menu appears.

  3. Select Add Visual to add a new visual to the dashboard. The Select a Source dialog appears.

  4. Select a data source on the Step 1 of 2: Select a Source dialog. The Select a Visual Type dialog appears.

  5. Select a visual style on the Step 2 of 2: Select Visual Type dialog. The visual is created and added to the dashboard.

  6. Optionally, click on the visual title and change it. See Understanding Visual Names and Titles.

    The minimum length of visual names and titles is one character; the maximum length is 255 characters. They can start with and contain numbers, special characters, and uppercase and lowercase characters. They can contain spaces, but cannot start with a space. They cannot be empty or contain only spaces and they cannot have leading or trailing spaces.

  7. Make any other changes to the visual that you need.

  8. Select on the dashboard icon bar to save the dashboard.