Using the Visual Menu

Composer's visual canvas provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you tailor visuals quickly so they provide the information you need in the best way for you to analyze your data. These tools are available from the visual drop-down menu or from the visual sidebar menu. This topic discusses the drop-down menu.

The visual drop-down menu lists options that help you modify and use your visuals more effectively. It is accessed by selecting in the upper right corner of a visual .

The menu options are described in the following table. Some options are only available for specific visual styles. Some options are available when you are working with a visual in a dashboard and are not available when you are working with a visual in the Visual Gallery. Controls for some of these options are available on the interactivity sidebar. See Controlling How Users Interact With a Visual.

Option Description
Actions Invoke an action if an action template has been enabled for the visual's data source. See Invoking an Action.
Copy Visual Copy a visual. See Copying Visuals.
Create Keyset Create a keyset from the visual data. See Creating a Keyset.
Edit Visual Opens the sidebar menu for a visual. See Using the Sidebar Menu.
Export Export a visual or visual data. See Exporting Visuals.
Go to "<dashboard>" This option appears only if a dashboard link has been defined for a visual. Select this option to quickly access the linked dashboard. See Linking a Dashboard.
Maximize Maximize a visual on the dashboard for optimal viewing.
Minimize Minimize a visual so you can see other visuals on the dashboard.
Remove Visual Remove a visual from the dashboard. This will not delete the visual from Composer. For more information, see Deleting and Removing Visuals.
Save Save the visual in the Visual Gallery.
Undo Undo a change you made to the visual. See Undoing a Visual Action.