Use the Visual Gallery

The Visual Gallery can be used to manage the visuals defined in a Composer instance.

To see the Visual Gallery, you must be logged in as an administrator or as a user in a group with the Can Administer Visuals privilege. Read, write, and delete permissions for a visual are controlled by the permissions assigned the data source used by the visual in combination with the user's group privileges. The creator of a visual is automatically granted read, write, and delete for the visual in the Visual Gallery. When they are removed from the system, the supervisor is assigned ownership for the visual.

The Visual Gallery page includes the following features:

  1. The button allows you to add a new visual to the Visual Gallery if you have the Can Create Visuals or Can Administer Visuals group privilege. See Add Visuals to the Visual Gallery.
  2. The table lists and allows you to maintain your previously defined visuals. You can add edit and delete visuals in this table.
  3. A search bar at the top of the page that you can use to search for a visual in the table.

To access the Visual Gallery:

  1. Log into Composer as an administrator or as a user with the Can Administer Visuals privilege.

  2. Select Visual Gallery on the UI menu () or the top-level navigation menu, or select the Visuals box on the Home page. The Visuals page appears.

You can edit and delete visuals listed in the table on the Visuals page. If there are many visuals listed, you may need to search for the visual you need. Use the search bar to search for a visual in the list. See Search for a Definition in a List.

Each column in the table is described below. The Type, Name, Author, and Modified Date columns are sortable.


Type An icon identifying the visual type (style) of the visual in the visual. See Composer Visual Metrics and Attributes Reference to see all the possibilities.

The name assigned the visual. The visual name is not necessarily the same as the visual name. See Understand Visual Names and Titles for more information about how visual names are set.

Author The name of the user who defined the visual.
Usage The number of times the visual is used in dashboards. If this count is not zero, you cannot delete a visual from the Visual Gallery.
Modified Date

The time stamp when the visual definition was last modified.


The button in this column allows you to delete a visual. Before you delete a visual, you must delete it from all the dashboards that use it. If the Usage column for a visual is not zero, the button is disabled. See Delete and Remove Visuals.