Place Existing Visuals on a Dashboard

When you create a new dashboard, you also create the first visual in the dashboard or place existing visuals from the Visual Gallery on the dashboard. A dashboard requires at least one visual. See Create Dashboards. After an initial visual is created, you can place existing visuals on your dashboard. For information on adding a new visual to a dashboard, see Add New Visuals to a Dashboard.

To place an existing visual on a dashboard from the Visual Gallery:

  1. Edit the dashboard.

  2. Select on the dashboard icon bar. A drop-down menu appears.

  3. Select Place Existing Visual to add a new visual to the dashboard. The Select a Visual dialog appears.

  4. Select a visual on the Select a Visual dialog. The visual is placed on the dashboard.

  5. Modify the visual as needed.

  6. Select on the dashboard icon bar to save the dashboard.