Format Data

Many elements have a Format attribute that lets you specify how its data will be formatted. The most common of these, for example, is the Label element. Applying formatting to a Label caption is especially useful for dates, times, and certain types of numbers.

The following topics describe the available options for formatting data:

About Formatting

The following elements have a Format attribute, which can be set to format the appearance of their data:

  • Analysis Chart Column
  • Analysis Filter Column
  • Analysis Grid Column
  • Animated Map Color Spectrum Legend
  • Caption Style
  • Chart Grid Column
  • Color Spectrum Legend
  • Crosstab Comparison
  • Crosstab Table Value Columns
  • Data Labels
  • Data Scale
  • Drill To Column
  • Drillthrough Column
  • Formatted Column
  • Gauge Label
  • Heatmap Group
  • Heatmap Label
  • Heatmap Label Style
  • Input Combo List
  • Input Date
  • Input Number
  • Input Telephone
  • Input Text
  • Input Text Area
  • Input Time
  • Label
  • Label Scale
  • Label Style
  • Legend
  • Marker Label Style
  • MDX Calculated Measure
  • PDF Form Field
  • Polygon Color Spectrum Legend
  • Quicktip Row
  • Schedule
  • Side Label Style
  • Stack Labels
  • SubCaption Style
  • Word Form Field
  • XOLAP Calculated Measure
  • XOLAP Level
  • XOLAP Measure
  • XOLAP Member Property

Logi Studio is not always context-sensitive when it comes to the options available for Format attributes, so it may be possible to select formatting options that are not appropriate for the data.

Many of the formatting types available are dependent on the Regional settings in the web server's operating system.

For example, as shown above, Regional and Language options are available on Windows-based web servers through the Control Panel. The "Currency", "Short date" and "Long date" formats defined here can be used by name in a Format attribute.

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