Animated Maps

Logi Info includes Animated Maps, which are animated, interactive, data-driven, JavaScript-based maps, for your applications. Data range coloring makes it easy to relate data within specified thresholds to map regions.

The following topics discuss the use of Animated Maps:

About Animated Maps

Logi Info's Animated Maps are animated, interactive, data-driven, JavaScript-based maps for Logi applications. Developers can use them to display geographical data distributed by category, regions, or entities. The best usage examples include statistical display of data, flight routes, office locations, election results, survey results, or business intelligence such as "Revenue by Regions" or "Revenue by States". They do not work with zip codes or geocoded data (latitude- & longitude-based). Like all Logi data visualizations, map portions can be interactive links that can be clicked in order to "drill-down" to other reports, charts, and URLs. These maps do not require Adobe's Flash Player browser-extension be installed in order to view them. Maps for 198 countries and regions are included with Logi Info; see the list of available maps below. In almost all of these maps, their subdivisions (regions, provinces, states, etc.) are referenced by a internal numeric ID. In order to relate these ID numbers to "real world" names more likely to be encountered in your data, such as "Montana" or "Belgium", each map has a companion XML data file that can be used to cross-reference a region name to the internal ID. This is discussed in detail later in Referencing Data. Animated Maps can be exported to PDF. Prior to this version, they could not be exported to PDF. Animated Maps cannot be exported to other formats, such as Word and Excel.

Sample Application

A sample application can be found on the DevNet Sample Applications page.

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