Introducing Logi Studio

Logi Info includes our primary development tool, Logi Studio. This integrated development environment is the recommended tool for use by developers creating Logi applications.

The following topics provide a brief introduction to the features of Logi Studio:

About Logi Studio

Logi Studio is a tool designed to let developers create Logi applications as easily and efficiently as possible. The definition files that form the "source code" of a Logi application are simple text files and can be edited with any text editor; however, Logi Studio makes the development and testing process typical of programming much easier.

Logi Studio is not a web application; it's a .NET application and a licensed copy must be installed on the Windows computer of each developer. It allows you to create both .NET and Java-based Logi applications and reports.

All of the files that make up a Logi application, including definitions, images, style sheets, scripts, and more, can be managed within Studio. All files, with the exception of images, can be created and edited within Studio. Files can also be managed directly in the Windows file system.

Studio includes a number of wizards and other tools that automate many standard development tasks, incorporates a set of "rules" that prevents you from combining incompatible objects. It also provides Intellisense-like features that provide code completion options to speed development. Its element-based technique of adding and arranging objects in a hierarchical tree eliminates tedious coding and allows for code-reuse.

This topic refers to the latest version, Logi 12 Studio. A detailed user guide, Using Logi 12 Studio, is also available.

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