Using Logi 12 Studio

Our primary development tool, Logi Studio, is used by developers to create Logi applications. It's a powerful development tool with many useful features and this topic provides specific instructions for using it.

The following topics provide more details about using Logi Studio 12:

About Logi Studio

Logi Studio is a stand-alone Windows .NET application that provides a comprehensive development environment for creating Logi Info web applications. It's capable of producing applications that run in .NET and Java environments. A typical scenario for Java developers is to use Studio on a Windows system to develop and test their applications, and then deploy them to their Linux/UNIX or Windows servers to be run under Java libraries.

Studio provides a number of features that make development easy and fast. It manages your project files and includes editors for every type of file that might be included in a web application, except images. Intelligent-completion features reduce the number of keystrokes necessary and potential typos made. You can develop and test your application right inside Studio.

This topic provides all the information necessary to become successful with Logi Studio. New users should read it carefully to get a full understanding of the tools Studio offers and how Logi applications are developed.

This version of Logi Studio includes these important changes:

  • A Filter Definitions control allows you to filter definitions, in all categories at once, in the Application Panel.
  • The Consolas font is now used in the Definition Source editor, the Support file editors, the Attributes panel, and the Attribute Zoom window.
  • The Search feature provides additional filters, such as Exclude Remarked Elements, the ability to search within search results, a new results format, and more improvements.

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