Tabbed Panels

Tabs and Tab Panel elements in Logi Info provide developers the ability to visually group charts, reports, and other elements using panels that can be selected by tabs.

The following topics discuss the Tab and Tab Panel elements:

About Tabbed Panels

Tabbed panels provide a neat method of grouping things together and are a commonly-understood mechanism in user interfaces.

As shown above, each panel has a "tab" that extends beyond the panel, either at the top or bottom or the sides. The selected panel is presented as being "in front" of the unselected panels. The tabs themselves can have a different appearance depending on whether they're the selected tab or not.

Tab panels may contain just about any other element, although the use of super-elements, such as the Analysis Grid, within a tab panel is not recommended. In addition, do not use tab panels within an Embedded-type subreport (within an IncludeFrame-type subreport is OK). All of these elements use AJAX, and nesting them in these ways causes unpredictable AJAX behavior.

The appearance of the tabs and tab panels can be controlled both with style classes and through the use of themes. As shown above, the theme can be used to round all the square corners (availability may vary by browser).

You may use multiple Tabs and Tabbed Panel sets in a single report definition, however, they will all have the same style-related appearance.

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