Text Clouds

A "Text Cloud" is a visual depiction of the weighting of words, links, and phrases. The relative font size and color of words or phrases within the text cloud are an indication of their weighting or frequency.

The following topics discuss the elements provided in Logi Info that make working with text clouds very easy and straightforward:

About Text Clouds

Text clouds (and their close cousins, tag clouds) are groupings of words that are visually differentiated by font size, color, etc. in order to reflect their relative weighting, frequency, or other numeric value. The words or phrases may be links, allowing users to drill-down into detail data. The text cloud is similar to another, better known visual depiction of relative weightings, the standard pie chart, but it allows for many more weightings, while providing somewhat less accuracy. If the text cloud is made up of individual words, their linear organization can be alphabetical, introducing yet another organizational scheme.

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