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Getting Started

Test Server Installation

After Logi JReport Server is installed, you can start it and log onto the server console to run reports and dashboards.

View Sample Reports

On the Logi JReport Server console page, you can view the sample reports Logi JReport provides in different formats.

Create Dashboards

You can create dashboards using JDashboard, which displays rich visualizations of your data using the vast library of charting elements such as maps, crosstabs, tables and even live motion charts.

Create Ad Hoc Reports

You can create ad hoc reports based on predefined business views that are published to Logi JReport Server.

Start a Visual Analysis Session

You can visualize the result of every step of business data analysis by dragging and dropping business data fields to the layout module using Visual Analysis.

Open Sample Report Templates

There are many sample reports in Logi JReport Designer, you can open any sample report and preview the report result.

Start Creating New Reports

Logi JReport supports three types of reports, Page Report, Web Report and Library Component. Before you create new reports using Logi JReport Designer, you need to first create a catalog and then create connections to your data sources.

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