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Logi JReport Server Guide v15 Overview

This Logi JReport Server Guide describes Logi JReport Server v15. Logi JReport Server is a 100% Java report generation and management tool that can be deployed to any Java EE application server. By leveraging its high-performance report generation engine, Logi JReport scales to meet the most demanding requirements. Using the report scheduling, distributing, and alerting capabilities of Logi JReport Server, reporting can be integrated into the workflow of the application.

Logi JReport Server also supports on-demand, live report creation and modification, providing Logi JReport’s powerful ad hoc solution. End users are empowered with Logi JReport to create their own richly visual and interactive reports for powerful and secure data exploration in a completely self-service manner.

How to use this guide

The Logi JReport Server Guide v15 Help System provides you with information you need to know to fully utilize the features of the Server application. You can access the information by looking at the Table of Contents, or by using Search.

Other Logi JReport content

In addition to the regular documentation you can read here, we also provide Java and API documentation, and a set of samples that you can use. To view the Javadoc, select this link: Logi JReport v15 API Doc; to download the samples, select this link: Logi JReport v15 Samples.

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