No Data Caption Style

The Chart Canvas element's No Data Caption attribute lets you specify text that appears in the middle of the canvas if no data is retrieved for any series. Its No Data Caption Style child element can be used to format this text. For example:  

The example above shows one way the text of the No Data Caption can be formatted.



The No Data Caption Style element has the following attributes:

Font Color Sets the caption font color. Enter a color by name, decimal RGB value, or hex RGB value. Prefix hex values with the pound sign, e.g. #112233.
Font Family Specifies the names of one or more fonts. When multiple fonts are specified, with commas between each, the browser uses the first recognized font.
Font SizeSets the caption font size, in pixels.
Font Weight Specifies the weight (thickness) of characters in the caption text. Options include Lighter, Normal, Bold, and Bolder. The default value is Normal.