Current Product Releases

This topic contains information about Logi Analytics product releases, the product release cycle, and where to find Release Notes.


Current Releases

These are the current public Logi Analytics product releases: 

Update Released
Logi Info.NET 64-bit & Java12.727 Aug 201912.7 SP715 May 2020
Logi Info.NET 64-bit & Java12.616 Nov 201812.6 SP625 Jun 2019
Logi Info.NET 64-bit & Java12.59 Jan 201812.5 SP727 Aug 2018
Logi Info.NET 64-bit & Java12.231 Oct 201612.2 SP1806 Jul 2018
Logi Info.NET 32-/64-bit & Java12.1.18829 Feb 201612.1.188 SP906 Jul 2018
Logi Info.NET 32-/64-bit & Java12.0.0369 Apr 201512.0.036 SP919 Jul 2018
Logi Info.NET 32-/64-bit & Java11.4.04617 Oct 201411.4.046 SP528 Apr 2015
Logi Info.NET 32-/64-bit & Java11.3.04930 Jun 201411.3.049 SP920 Feb 2015
Logi Info.NET 32-/64-bit & Java11.2.04019 Feb 201411.2.040 SP1519 Sep 2014
Logi Info.NET 32-/64-bit & Java11.1.03321 Oct 201311.1.033 SP1527 Mar 2014
Logi Info.NET 32-/64-bit & Java11.0.4315 Jan 201311.0.43 SP2714 Feb 2014
Logi DataHubNET 64-bit & Java2.210 Feb 20172.2 SP13 May 2017
Logi DataHubNET 64-bit & Java3.001 Mar 20183.0 SP221 May 2018
Logi Ad Hoc.NET 32-/64-bit & Java12.1.4329 Jul 2016  
Logi Ad Hoc.NET 32-/64-bit & Java11.2.6417 Apr 201411.2.64 SP517 Dec 2014
Self-Service Reporting Module (SSRM).NET 64-bit & Java12.7.34827 Aug 2019  
Logi Platform Services.NET 64-bit & Java3.0.183029 Jan 20183.331 Mar 2019
Discovery Module.NET 64-bit & Java2.0.3022 Oct 20153.219 Apr 2019
Logi Predict Module.NET 64-bit & Java1.21 Feb 20183.021 Mar 2019

Please note that special limited-release and preview builds may also be available for specific customers and may not be included here.

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About Logi Info Releases

New Logi Info releases are made available every three to six months, and include all new enhancements and bug fixes since the last release.

Service Pack updates, designated with "SP" and containing fixes for severe- and moderate-impact issues but usually no enhancements, are released as necessary.

For more information about release content, see Release Notes. Logi Info and Logi Ad Hoc customers with a Logi Maintenance Plan contract who want to upgrade to a new product version can do so by logging into DevNet and using the SupportProduct Download menu item. 

Add-on Module Release Pairings

You can download the SSRM and Discovery Module add-ons from the DevNet Product Download page. For information about which Logi Info, SSRM, and DM versions should be used together, see Introduction to Add-on Modules.

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About Other Product Releases

Logi Ad Hoc customers with a Logi Maintenance Plan contract who want to upgrade to a new product version can do so by logging into DevNet and using the SupportProduct Download menu item.

All others should contact Logi Customer Service for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are releases supported?
Logi Support accepts Support Cases for all versions of the last two major releases (for example, all v12 and v11 releases are currently supported, but v10 and earlier are not). Support Plan customers using unsupported releases will be assisted but, if the root cause of their issue is a bug in our product, they'll be advised to upgrade to a supported release. Service Packs are released for 18 months after the initial product release, unless separately contracted differently.

Does the next release include all of the preceding Service Packs?
Yes, all the Service Packs released since the last product release are "rolled-up" into the next release.

Does the next release include all the preceding enhancements?
Yes, the next release includes all of the latest enhancements. 

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Product Expiration Information

Information about Logi products and versions that have reached the end of their lifecycle can be found in Product Life Cycle Expiration.

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