Send Cell Phone SMS Messages

Logi Info includes the ability to send notification messages to mobile devices. This can be very useful for those who need to be contacted when various events occur in Logi applications.

The following topics show developers how to build this capability into their Logi apps:

  • Connecting to an SMTP Server
  • Sending Email to the Phone

About Sending Email to Cell Phones

SMS text messaging is predominantly used to send messages from one mobile device to another. However, the technologuy can also be used for sending email to a mobile device. Logi Info developers can create a task in a Process definition that sends an SMS message to a mobile device, thus providing an automated notification capability within Logi reports and applications. Most mobile carriers provide SMS gateways which will accept email messages and deliver them to their customers' mobile devices as SMS text messages. However, the key requirement necessary in sending such an email message is knowing what carrier the recipient's phone uses. In this case, unlike cell phone-to-cell phone text messaging, simply providing a cell phone number is not sufficient. Each carrier determines what the "email address" of the receiving phone is going to be and so you must know the carrier's "SMS domain". Typically, cell phone email addresses consist of the cell phone number followed by the SMS domain. For example, The following U.S. carrier SMS domain names are provided for your convenience:


Domain Name

AT&T Mobility
Boost Mobile
Qwest Wireless
Verizon Wireless
Virgin Mobile USA

Some foreign carriers also provide this service. The Connection.SMTP supports International Carrier domains and is no longer restricted to .net or .com domains. The domain names in the examples above are subject to change, so you may need to contact your carrier or search the Internet for current domain names. Generally, this service is provided without charge in the U.S. but fees may apply elsewhere. If in doubt, check with your carrier.