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Create Dashboards

JDashboard is a new way of information delivery that displays rich visualizations of your data using the vast library of charting elements such as maps, crosstabs, tables and even live motion charts. These can all be combined with a robust set of interactions. With JDashboard, you can take data exploration to the next level by creating interactive views of business performance.

To create a dashboard, you should have logged onto the Logi Report Server console. Then:

  1. In the Logi Report Server Start Page, select Dashboard in the Create category.

    A blank dashboard is then created.

    Blank Dashboard

  2. In the Resources panel, navigate to Component Library > Public Components > SampleReports, select Product Daily

    Select Library Component

    And then drag and drop it to the dashboard body:

    Drag and Drop Library Component into Dashboard

  3. Close the Resources panel to view the result:

    View the Dashboard

  4. Save the dashboard.

More information about JDashboard >>

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