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Part IV: End User Experience

Logi Report's most powerful yet easy-to-use web tools enable end users to create and edit their own interactive, custom reports, dashboards and dynamic analysis without any expert assistance. This part introduces these web tools respectively.

JDashboard enables displaying multiple predefined library components created from different data sources in one dashboard freely and conveniently. Report components and Visual Analysis templates can also be inserted in dashboards.

Visual Analysis gives users the ability to easily transform data into rich visualizations with simple on-screen drag and drop actions. Instant visual feedback empowers users to view and analyze data from different perspectives, giving them the ability to discover more actionable intelligence.

Web Report Studio aims at faster and simpler design and creation of multi-component reports, easier customization, and better presentation style.

Page Report Studio provides users with a powerful report creation, modification and analysis tool.

This part contains the following tracks:

Before starting this part, make sure your Logi Report Server is started and the Logi Report Start Page is opened (for details, refer to Starting Logi Report Server).

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