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Geo Analysis

Logi Report provides geographic visualization and analysis by overlaying customized areas and markers onto interactive maps in Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and OpenCycleMap. Logi Report supports three types of maps: Roadmap, Satellite, and Terrain. You can adjust conditional properties such as Shape, Size, Color, and Label to provide an understanding of the map data at a quick glance. Geo Analysis extends traditional data analysis on static maps, where zooming and panning are common, to more dynamic methods of interacting with geographic data. You can analyze data using a familiar map interface and drill down hierarchies containing countries, states, counties, and cities. Logi Report supports Geo Analysis in Page Report Studio, Web Report Studio, as well as JDashboard.

For detailed information about creating geographic maps, refer to Geographic Maps in the Logi Report Designer Guide.

In the following example, we will create a geographic map in a library component and use it to create a dashboard.

Create Geographic Map

After the library component is published to Logi Report Server, we can then add it to a dashboard to perform geo analysis on the map.

Perform Geo Analysis

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