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Logi Report supports exporting reports to both accessible HTML and PDF results and provides an accessible version of Logi Report Server for users who experience disabilities or have special needs, so that they can access the reports through the use of assistive tools. This topic describes how to add accessibility to HTML report results and export reports to accessible PDF files. It also briefly introduces the functionality of the accessible version of Logi Report Server.

This topic includes the following sections:

Making HTML Format Report Result Accessible

Logi Report supports accessibility related HTML attributes and a built-in accessible Logi Report Server console for displaying the report result in HTML format. The implementation standard is based on HTML specification 4.01 and information on Section 508 Standards: and

When designing a report in Logi Report Designer, you can add the accessibility related HTML attributes to the report objects in order to make the HTML format result more readable and accessible. You can find these attributes in the Accessibility property group of the Report Inspector.

To add accessibility to a report in the HTML format result:

  1. Predefine necessary accessibility attributes when designing the report.

    When you select a report object in the design area, you can get the corresponding accessibility attributes in the Report Inspector. For details about the accessibility attributes for each report object, see Report Object Properties.

  2. Enable Section 508 compliant output when exporting the report to HTML format.

    In the HTML export UI, select the option Section 508 Compliant Output. If you only want to convert table/crosstab components into HTML data table in the HTML format report result, select the option Use HTML Data Table.

    Logi Report provides the above two options in all the HTML export UIs.

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Exporting Reports to Accessible PDF Files

Logi Report also supports exporting the report result to an accessible PDF file by enabling the Accessible PDF option, which is available in all the PDF export UIs in Logi Report, so that users of screen readers and those who have low vision can have their tagged PDF files read out aloud in appropriate language in the Adobe Acrobat software. The implementation standard is based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (ISO/IEC 40500:2012) the PDF/UA (ISO 14289-1) standard.

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The Accessible Version of Logi Report Server

Logi Report Server enables the disabled users to visit the accessible version with simplified functionality to read reports by reader agent or other assistive tools. In the accessible version, Logi Report Server displays reports in the HTML format with accessibility attributes, and outputs the table/crosstab components as HTML data tables.

For detailed information about how to enable the accessible version of Logi Report Server, refer to Accessibility in the Logi Report Server Guide.

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