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Add Tables/Views/Synonyms Dialog

The Add Tables/Views/Synonyms dialog helps you to add tables/views/synonyms into a Logi Report catalog. It appears when you right-click a JDBC/Hive connection node, the Tables/Views/Synonyms node, or an existing table/view/synonym in the JDBC/Hive connection and select Add Tables/Views/Synonyms from the shortcut menu in the Catalog Manager.

Add Tables/Views/Synonyms dialog

The following are details about options in the dialog:

Database Catalogs

Lists all the catalogs in the database.


Lists the schemas you have selected in the Schema tab of the Get JDBC Connection Information dialog.

Show All Schemas

If the option is selected, all schemas in the selected catalog will be shown in the Schemas box.


Lists the tables/views/synonyms contained in the selected schema after you select the Refresh button.

Show Tables/Views/Synonyms Already Added

If the option is selected, the tables/views/synonyms that have been added to the catalog will become available in the Tables/Views/Synonyms box. You can then add them into the catalog again with a different name.

Show System Tables/Views/Synonyms

If the option is selected, the system tables/views/synonyms will become available in the Tables/Views/Synonyms box.


Shows the name of the current connection.

Table/View/Synonym Name Pattern

Specifies whether to filter the tables according to the specified filtering condition.


Loads the tables contained in the specified schema into the Tables box.


Adds the selected tables/views/synonyms to the Logi Report catalog.


Completes the adding tables/views/synonyms process and closes the dialog.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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