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Category Property Dialog

The Category Property dialog helps you to add or edit a category. It appears when you:

  • Do any of the following in the Business View Editor:
    • Select Menu > New > Category or New Category.
    • Right-click the business view or a category and select New Category from the shortcut menu.
    • Right-click a category and select Edit Category from the shortcut menu.
  • In the Catalog Manager resource tree, right-click a category and select New Category or Edit Category on the shortcut menu.

The dialog contains two tabs: General and Security.


Applies all changes and closes the dialog.


Does not retain any changes and closes the dialog.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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Specifies properties for the category.

Category Property dialog - General

Display Name

Specifies the display name of the category. An intuitive display name can help end users easily understand the contents of the category.


Specifies the description of the category.

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Specifies user accessibility to elements of the business views in the current catalog data source. For details about options in the tab, refer to the Edit Business View Security dialog.

Category Property dialog - Security

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