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Edit View Element Dialog

The Edit View Element dialog helps you to edit the specified view element. It appears when you right-click any view element of a business view and select Edit from the shortcut menu in the Catalog Manager.

The dialog contains two tabs: General and Security.


Applies all changes and closes the dialog.


Does not retain changes and closes the dialog.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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Sets properties for the view element.

Edit View Element dialog - General tab

Display Name

Specifies the display name of the view element. An intuitive display name can help end users easily understand the element.

Mapping Name

Specifies the mapping name of the field to which the view element is mapped. Select to select the field.


Specifies the type of the view element: Group, Aggregation or Detail.

By Expression

Available only when the type of the view element is defined as Group. It specifies whether to use an expression to retrieve values for the group element. When the option is selected, Mapping Name is disabled.

Aggregate Function

Available only when the view element is an aggregation. It specifies the function for the aggregation object. When DistinctSum is selected, the following option is available and should be set:

  • Distinct On
    Specifies the fields according to whose unique values to calculate DistinctSum. Select Choose button to select the required fields in the Select Fields dialog.


Available only when the type of the view element is defined as Aggregation. If the option is selected, you can create a custom aggregation by writing a formula.

  • Settings
    Opens the Formula Editor to compose a formula using resources in the current business view, which can return an aggregation.


Specifies the tooltip of the view element, which will be shown when end users hover the mouse pointer over it in the business view resource tree at server runtime.


Specifies the description of the view element.

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Specifies user accessibility to elements of the business views in the current catalog data source. For details about options in the tab, refer to the Edit Business View Security dialog.

Edit View Element dialog - Security tab

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