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Elasticsearch Connection Wizard Dialog

The Elasticsearch Connection Wizard helps you to set up an Elasticsearch connection to get data from an Elasticsearch data source. It appears when you select OK in the Elasticsearch Data Source Options dialog, and consists of the following screens:


Goes back to the previous screen.


Goes to the next screen.


Finishes confirming to transform an Elastic search schema to a relational schema.


Does not retain changes and closes this wizard.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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Modify Schema Properties

Specifies properties of the Elasticsearch schema.

Elasticsearch Connection Wizard - Modify Schema Properties


Lists the corresponding schema structure of the root. stands for elements.


Lists all the properties of the selected elements in the schema.

  • Name
    Displays names of properties of the selected elements.
  • Value
    Specifies values of properties for the selected elements.

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Transformed Relational Schema

This screen lists the relational tables built based on the transformed relational schema structure.

Elasticsearch Connection Wizard - Transformed Relational Schema

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Add Table

Adds tables that are transformed from the relational schema to the connection. This screen is not available when you edit an existing Elasticsearch connection.

Elasticsearch Connection Wizard - Add Table


Lists the tables transformed from the Elasticsearch schema.

Added Tables

Lists the tables that you have added from the relational schema.

Add button

Adds the selected tables.

Remove button

Removes the selected tables from the Added Tables box.

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