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This image notes any new content for version 17 of the product. For more information please see the Release Notes or What's New topics.Imported SQL Editor

You can use the editor to edit your SQL statement directly in Logi Report Designer. It appears when you do one of the following:

  • In the Catalog Manager, right-click a JDBC connection node and then select Add SQL from the shortcut menu.
  • In the Catalog Manager, right-click an SQL under the Imported SQLs node and then select Update from the shortcut menu.
  • In the Choose Data dialog or component wizard when working with a page report created based on query resources, expand the Imported SQLs node in a data source that has a JDBC connection and then select <Add SQL...>.

Imported SQL Editor

SQL Name

Specifies the name of the SQL statement when you are adding it to the catalog.

From DB Catalog

Specifies the catalog in the database where comes the SQL statement.

Save & Exit

Saves the SQL statement with the provided name and exits the editor if there are no errors in the SQL statement. Otherwise, a warning message will pop up showing the errors. You need to correct all the errors to save the SQL statement.

Import SQL

Imports the SQL statement from an SQL file.

Export SQL

Exports the SQL statement to an SQL file.


Displays the help document about this feature.


Lists the commands that facilitate the process of composing the SQL statement.

  • Cut button Cut
    Cuts the selected text in the text panel.
  • Copy button Copy
    Copies the selected text in the text panel.
  • Paste button Paste
    Pastes the text that was previously cut or copied in the text panel.
  • Delete button Delete
    Deletes the selected text from the text panel.
  • Undo button Undo
    Undoes an action.
  • Redo button Redo
    Cancels undoing an action.
  • Search button Search
    Searches for text in the text panel, and replaces the found text with different text.
  • Check button Check
    Tests whether there are errors in the SQL statement.
  • Add Bookmark button Add Bookmark
    Adds a bookmark to a line.
  • Go to Previous Bookmark button Go to Previous Bookmark
    Goes to the previous bookmark.
  • Go to Next Bookmark button Go to Next Bookmark
    Goes to the next bookmark.
  • Clear button Clear All Bookmarks
    Removes all the bookmarks.

Text panel

You can write or edit your SQL statement here. You can type the statement directly, paste it from another text editor, or import it from an SQL file.

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