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Open Report

The Open Report dialog helps you to open the saved reports, or import report tabs from existing page reports into current page report. It appears when you select File > Open or File > Import > Logi Report Page Report.

Open Report dialog

The following are details about options in the dialog:


Shows the directory of the default catalog that is being used now. You can also select the Browse button to specify a new one.

Note: If you are going to import report tabs into the current page report, you can only choose from page reports of the same catalog. In this case, the Browse button is disabled.

Reports tab

Specifies one or more reports to open.

  • List
    selects to go to the List mode where only the names of the files are displayed.
  • Details
    selects to go to the Details mode where the files with detailed information such as name, size, type and last modified time are displayed.
  • Name
    Shows the name of all the reports included in this catalog, based on the type you selected from the Report of Type drop-down list.
  • Size
    Shows the size of the reports.
  • Type
    Shows the type of the reports.
  • Modified
    Shows the time when the reports were modified at the last time.
  • Report Name
    Shows the names of the selected reports.
  • Report of Type
    Specifies the type of the reports.

Recent tab

Lists all the reports that have been opened recently.

  • Report Name
    Shows the names of the reports.
  • Catalog Name
    Shows the name of the catalog file the reports use with its full path.
  • Report Location
    Shows the location the reports are saved in.


Opens the selected reports and closes the dialog. If a self-contained page report is selected, you need to specify the way in which the report will be opened.


Closes the dialog, leaving any changes unsaved.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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