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This image notes any new content for version 17 of the product. For more information please see the Release Notes or What's New topics.Select Filter Resources Dialog

This dialog helps you to customize which view elements can be available when filtering reports created on the specified business view. It appears when you right-click a business view and select Select Filter Resources on the shortcut menu in the Catalog Manager resource tree, or select Select Filter Resources on the Business View Editor toolbar.

Select Filter Resources dialog

Resource box

Lists the view elements contained in the business view. Select the check boxes ahead of the elements you want to use as filter resources.

Sort button

Displays the Sort drop-down menu to sort the view elements in ascending or descending order. The default sort order is controlled by the Sort option in the Catalog category of the Options dialog. When Sort is not selected in the Options dialog, No Sort is selected by default in the drop-down menu which means the view elements are listed based on the original order of their mapping fields in the database. The change of sort order here is a one-off action and will not be remembered after you exit the dialog.

Search button Search

Opens the search box to search for view elements in the business view. To start the search, type in the text you want to search for and the elements containing the matched text will be listed.

In the search box, there are the following options:

  • More Search Option button
    Lists more search options.
    • Highlight All
      Specifies whether to highlight all matched text.
    • Match Case
      Specifies whether to search for text that meets the case of the typed text.
    • Match Whole Word
      Specifies whether to search for text that looks the same as the typed text.
  • Close button
    Closes the search box and cancels the search.


Applies the selected view elements as the filter resources and closes the dialog.


Does not retain changes and closes the dialog.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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