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Select Pre-join Dialog

The Select Pre-join dialog helps you to define new pre-join paths in the current catalog. It appears when you select the New button in the Edit Pre-join Paths dialog, type a path name and then select OK.

Select Pre-join dialog

The following are details about options in this dialog:

All Joins

Lists all the pre-joins in the connection.

Joins in <path name>

Lists all joins that are added to the new path.

Hide Joins Added in Other Paths

Specifies whether to hide those joins that have been added in other paths.

Add button

Adds a join to the new path.

Add All button

Adds all listed join from the new path.

Remove button

Removes a join from the path.

Remove All button

Removes all joins from the path.


Applies the changes and closes the dialog.


Does not retain any changes and closes the dialog.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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