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Tabular Wizard

The Tabular Wizard helps you to create a page report with a tabular in it. It appears when you select the Tabular Report layout in the Select Component for Page Report dialog or Select Component for Page Report Tab dialog and then select OK.

Tabular Wizard

The following are details about options in the wizard:


Specifies the number of rows for the tabular.


Specifies the number of the columns for the tabular.


Specifies the length of the border for the tabular.


Specifies the width for the tabular.

Do not show this message again

Specifies whether or not to show the wizard the next time when you create a tabular report.

Page Setup

Opens the Page Setup dialog to specify the page settings.


Finishes the setting and closes this wizard.


Does not retain changes and closes this wizard.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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