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Exporting to Mail

If you want to send the result of a report to other people, you can attach it to a mail. However before you can export your reports via e-mail, you must first have the report mail system configured.

This topic includes the following sections:

Configuring the Report Mail System

  1. Select File > Options.
  2. In the Options dialog, select the Export to category. The E-mail tab is selected by default.

    Options dialog - Export to category - E-mail tab

  3. In the SMTP Server text box, specify the numeric or named host of the machine where the e-mail server is located.
  4. In the Port text box, type the port where the e-mail server runs.
  5. In the Mail Sender text box, specify the address of the e-mail sender. You must specify an address and make sure that the format of the specified address is valid.
  6. From the Default Mail Format drop-down list, select the default format with which to send the report result.
  7. Select Server requires authentication if the mail server requires authentication. However if the mail server does not need authentication but you select the option, the mail may not be sent successfully due to the mail server.
  8. Select Compress Attachment as Java Archive to compress the mail before sending out.
  9. Select OK to finalize the changes.

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Exporting Reports via E-mail

After you have configured the report mail system in the Options dialog, you can now export your reports to others via e-mail as follows:

  1. Open the report that you would like to export.
  2. Select File > Export > ToMail to access the Export to Mail dialog.

    Export to Mail dialog

  3. Specify addresses for TO, CC, and BCC respectively.
  4. Specify the mail subject in the Subject text box.
  5. If your SMTP server requires authentication, specify the required information in the SMTP Logon Information box.
  6. Type some comments for the mail in the Comments box, and what you write here will be shown in the text part of your mail.
  7. If you are exporting a page report, in the Select Report Tabs box, select the report tabs in the page report you want to export. The selected report tabs will be exported in the list order. You can select Move Up button or Move Down button to change the order of the report tabs.
  8. Select in which format to send the mail.
    • E-mail Result in HTML E-mail Format
      Sends the report result via e-mail to the specified address in HTML format. The report result will be shown in HTML format in the mail body. If this format is selected, the comments that you specify will be overwritten by the report.
    • E-mail Result in Plain Text E-mail Format
      Sends the report result via e-mail to the specified address in plain Text format. The report result will be shown in plain text format in the mail body with no other information such as color, images, and so on.
    • Attachment in XXX Format
      Sends the report result via e-mail to the specified address with a XXX result file as attachment.
  9. Specify the parameters for the selected format as required. When you select to send the report result as an attachment, you can specify whether to compress the attachment as Java Archive. For detailed information about the parameters of each format, refer to the corresponding topic in the Exporting Report Result section.
  10. Select OK. The report result will then be sent to the specified mail address. The recipient can open the mail normally, using Outlook Express or any other mail processing product.

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