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Applying National Language Support

Logi Report products implement a National Language Support (NLS) feature, which allows reports to be run in different languages.

In Logi Report Designer, you can use the two editors to edit NLS for reports: Data Mapping Editor and NLS Editor. With the Data Mapping Editor, you can create data mapping files to map data values for resources in a catalog, and the target language information of the resources will be stored in the data mapping files. Using the NLS Editor, you can translate the language-dependent text in a report or library component and the current catalog to any language you want, and modify the format and font properties for objects in the catalog and for objects used in the report or library component. Then when the report or dashboard that contains the library component runs, Logi Report Engine retrieves the language-dependent information according to the current locale in order to make the report result match the locale setting.

NLS can also be edited on Logi Report Server. For detailed information, refer to National Language Support in the Logi Report Server Guide.

The following topics provide more information about NLS:

Note: The NLS feature is not supported on shape maps.

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